Fort Myers Airport Terminal

Fort Myers Airport (RSW) has a single teriminal which is divided in 3 Concourses: B, C and D.

The Terminal has 28 boarding gates in total.


Present & future

It is planned to expand the terminal with concourses A and E by 2020.




Fort Myers Airport Terminal consists of the following levels:

- Lower level: This is the Arrivals level. Services: Baggage claim area and information desk.

- Ground level: Find in this level basically concessions: Restaurants, bars and a good variety of stores.

- Upper level: This is the Departures and ticketing level. The level is divided into three sections of ticket counters where there are hosted the airlines that serves each concourse:

- Doors 1-2 are for Air Canada and Eurowings (Concourse B)

- Doors 3-4 and 3-7 are for United and Westjet (Concourse C)

- Door 5-6 and 8-10 are for American, JetlBlue, Silver and Spirit Airways (Concourse D)




See below related information about the Concourses in Fort Myers Airport.

Please, note that in order to enter to any of the concourses it is required to show your boarding pass and ID.



Concourse B

It has a total of 9 gates, numbered from B1 to B9.

It is provided with various shops and restaurants as well as pay phones, lifts, escalators, stairs, restrooms, information, charging station, and it’s own security check point.


Concourse B operates with the following airlines:

- Air Canada

- Eurowings

- Frontier Airlines

- Southwest Airlines

- Sun Country


Services: ATMs, restrooms, information point, charging station, stores and food and drink concessions.



Concourse C

It has a total of 9 gates numbered from C1 to C9.

Concourse C is provided with the following services: flight information, courtesy phone, restrooms, pay phones, security checkpoint, and has some bars, restaurants and two shops.


Airlines in Concourse C:

- Delta/Delta Connection

- United

- WestJet


Concourse D

It has a total of 10 gates numbered from D1 to D10. Gate 9 is located in the lower level.


Services at Concourse D: Restrooms, Courtesy Phone, Lifts, Escalators, Pay Phone, Security Checkpoint, Information point, Shops and Restaurants, ATMs.


Airlines that operate at Concourse D:

- American

- JetBlue

- Silver Airways

- Spirit




The following services are located in Fort Myers Airport Terminal:


- ATMs

- Restrooms

- Airline information

- Pay phones

- Charging station

- Food, drink and retail concessions


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